Minneapolis Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo held a press conference Wednesday, highlighting the previous day’s protests in response to the death of George Floyd and the firing of four Minneapolis Police officers in connection to the incident.

Five burglary arrests have been made in connection to Tuesday’s protest. Arradondo said they were not at the department’s third precinct but rather at a location across the street. Regarding property damage, the chief said some is considered to be “significant.”

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Arradondo said he directed officers to deploy tear gas once a secure fence was breached, and he was concerned for the safety of everyone in the area.

Regarding Floyd’s case, Arradondo said he’s not able to comment at this time on specifics. He said he had not seen any body camera footage yet, and wouldn’t say when it would be released to the public.

In response to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s comments earlier Wednesday, Arradondo said he was very passionate and spoke very strongly.

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“What I’ve observed in no way reflects the values and vision and culture I want to change here with MPD,” Arradondo said during the conference.

No injuries have yet been reported in relation to recent protests.

“One incident can significantly bring people to doubt that,” Arradondo said, speaking on trust in the community. “Why I’m obligated to act in a way that builds trust that garners credibility and legitimacy and when things go wrong that we own it.”



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