Monica Lewinsky is apologizing for spreading a viral story about two strangers who flirted on a plane. (Photo: Getty Images)

Monica Lewinsky is apologizing for participating in a scandal that caused a woman to be doxxed and harassed on social media.

“I owe an apology to #PrettyPlaneGirl + to people who follow me here for my anti-bullying + anti-public shaming stance,” Lewinsky tweeted Sunday, referring to an internet saga — also dubbed #PlaneBae  — that began with two strangers flirting on a plane and ended with one quitting social media because she feared for her safety.

While Lewinsky didn’t initiate the shaming, she took responsibility for sharing it online on the Fourth of July, when she tweeted, “[This] thread is amazing….” She also referenced the public scrutiny she faced after engaging in a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton during his presidency. 



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